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Discover Wooly Home, the innovative comfortable and eco-friendly cat bed

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Wooly Home!

Wooly Home is the comfortable, innovative and certified cat bed. An eco-friendly product completely made of eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable cardboard.

Easy to assemble, the simple lines and design are studied to ensure maximum comfort for your cat.

Cats love cardboard! And studies by behaviorist veterinarians show how the shape and material of Wooly Home are inviting to your cat.

Let your four-legged friend judge!
  • Comfortable cathouse
  • Resistant scratching post


Tested in environments
controlled by
behaviorist doctors.


Respectful of the environment and animals. 100% pure recyclable cellulose.


Quick and easy to assemble. It takes up little space.


Comfortable and resistant.
It offers shelter and rest.

Very easy to assemble

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cuccia per gatti wooly home
cuccia per gatti wooly home
cuccia per gatti wooly home

Wooly Home Kit

Starter Kit

From 15,90 to 17,90€
  • 1 cathouse in the color of your choice
  • Transport included

Plus Kit

From 26,00 to 28,00€
  • 3 cathouses of the same color selection
  • Transport included

Ultimate Kit

From 37,00 to 39,00€
  • 5 cathouses in all different colors or in a single color selection
  • Transport included

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