gatto ragdoll

Ragdoll: un gigante buono che ama stare in braccio

Occhioni azzurri, grandi dimensioni e morbido pelo semilungo: un gatto Ragdoll si riconosce subito da queste caratteristiche. È anche un micione dal temperamento docile e affettuoso, tanto che il nome (ragdoll significa “bambola di pezza”) deriva proprio da una sua particolare attitudine: quando viene preso in braccio si abbandona completamente.

Molto diffuso nel Regno Unito e negli Stati Uniti, il Ragdoll è a volte considerato “un cane a forma di gatto“, perché ama seguire le persone, è a proprio agio quando viene coccolato e può addirittura essere addestrato per riportare oggetti.

Ragdoll: a bit of history

This cat comes from a relatively “new” cat race. In fact, it was only in the 1960s that Ann Baker began to breed them in California, starting from the mating between an Angora cat and a cat of uncertain breed (probably a Sacred Cat of Burma).

The result was this new race which features quite large specimens, with wonderful fur and magnetic blue eyes. It was Ann Baker herself who called the race “Ragdoll”: when these cats were picked up they looked like dolls.

Characteristics of the Ragdoll

As mentioned, the Ragdoll is a “giant” cat: it can weigh up to 9 kilos. The head is rather rounded and the ears are widely spaced. The body has a considerable length, it is powerful and muscular.

The Ragdoll’s coat can be bicolor, mitted or colorpoint. The most typical is the mitted coat, where the white fur on the feet seems to reproduce socks.

A sociable and family-friendly cat

The Ragdoll cat is used to being in families with adults and children. He is also friendly with strangers and other animals. If it meows, it meows only when needed.

These “rag dolls” are obviously very sweet, loving and curious animals, but also lovers of games. They have the habit of following their master and are happy in company, both human and those of its kind.

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost

The average price of a Ragdoll goes from around 600 to 900 euros.

This type of cat needs normal attention. He eats normal amounts of food considering his size and has no special health requirements. Some more attention should be paid to the coat: the long, delicate and light coat needs constant checks.