Ho adottato un gatto: quali sono i primi passi?

Hai appena adottato un gattino e non sai da dove cominciare per farlo sentire accolto in casa tua?

Niente paura: l’ENPA (Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali) ha recentemente pubblicato un vademecum dal titolo “Ho adottato un gatto”, che fornisce utili consigli su come prepararsi per accogliere il nuovo arrivato. Vediamone alcuni.

Items to get

First of all, before taking your cat home, you need to get some things:

  • 3 bowls: one for water, one for dry food and one for wet food. If you choose them in an easy-to-clean material, such as ceramic or steel, you will then have an easy life in their maintenance.
  • 1 litter: to be placed as far as possible from food and water.
  • 1 pet carrier: to take your cat around, such as to the vet.
  • – 1 spazzola: anche per i gatti con il pelo corto.
  • 1 scratching post: there are infinite types, but the cat must have at least one to play with and get his nails done.

Objects to eliminate

Other things, however, you must absolutely make them disappear:

  • Do not leave the waste bin in sight.
  • Do not leave small objects on the ground that can be swallowed (pins, needles, threads of various types).
  • Remove any plants that are poisonous to the cat (ask your veterinarian for clarification).

The collar for the cat

You must also pay attention to the purchase of any collar. If you decide to use it, choose a high-security one, in elastic material and with an easy-release closure.

Where to make him sleep

Generally, the cat itself chooses where to sleep. He often finds more than one place to rest in the house. The advice we give you is to use Wooly Home as a bed for your cat. We are sure it will become one of his favorite places.

Spaces to play

Play is an important time for your kitty. There should be enough space at home or outside to run and play. And you too can make him happy, dedicating some of your time to play with him. Your life together will be harmonious if you understand how to organize its territory, its lifestyle and its main activities.